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  • Play Good. Work Bad. WorkFlora is all about work and life balance but what does that really mean? Everybody’s got a different idea about it, but what if work didn’t have to feel like work…? Survival work is a thing of the past. If that strikes a chord with you,
  • You can’t turn a corner without hearing the words “Keto Diet” these days. I mean really sometimes it’s just annoying. Maybe because it reminds me that I still need to lose weight?   My ego aside, I did try the keto diet and just like it claims I lost 20
  • If you’ve glanced at USA TODAY lately , or simply keep abreast of the latest health news you’ll notice a lot of talk about Zantac recalls. It’s more than a little bit disturbing since so many people suffer from heartburn, especially some older people.  Who needs one more reason to

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