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If you are a member of the WorkFlora business opportunity newsletter, you already know that we talk about and give tips for people looking to start online businesses. If you happen to be one of those special few who are engaged with the newsletter, you also know that we offer services to help you build.

After all, one of the reasons we exist is to help you create the ideal work life balance. Do you ever see someone who seems to be well off but you never see them go to work, or you don’t know what they do, or perhaps they never talk about work like us normal people?

Yeah, I used to wonder the same thing, and well the answer is not always so cut and dry. We like to promote being your own boss because after all, money is not everything.

If that seems like an oxymoron just keep reading.

Being your own boss has great economic benefit , there is no denying it. However, as you already know it’s not common to see a profit right away. Being the business savvy person you are you already know this. You also know how important networking is, considering that’s probably how you have become successful up until this point.

Often people think that being your own boss means you don’t have to take direction from anyone else, but that’s the farthest thing from the truth.  Networking involves hearing, listening, collaborating, and compromise.  You learned to share in elementary school so that you would be a good net-worker one day.

Good networks are supposed to help you reach your goals, but as it is within a group work situations there are pitfalls. Most people don’t realize what networking is all about, and think it’s just some sort of party. I take exception to the idea that networking is purely social , games, and fun. These things are the fruit of good networking.  I enjoy a good party. The more the merrier, and the best parties are with friends.

So, you my friend need to make it to the party! That means, you need more money in your pocket. The informal business tip of this article provides you with a checklist for selling luxury handbags. While the checklist is not free, we think you will be willing to part with less than 40 dollars to save you some time and recoup it in, likely less than a week.

The one thing that takes up so much of our time as entrepreneurs and DIY bosses, is research. We want to save you some time because time is money. This resource is useful if you are just getting into building your business or maybe you just really like shopping. If you have a few extra dollars on you, you can sell one bag a month.

Step 1: Get the LIST

Step 2: Buy a SAMPLE

Step 3: Flip it.

Step 4: REPEAT Steps 2 through 4

You have to start somewhere. As a perk, you’ll always look super fly for cheap! 😉

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